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Description:SIMPACK is a software tool which can simulate mechanical systems. SIMPACK is able to analyse vibrational behaviour, calculate forces and accelerations, and describe and predict the motion of any complex multi-body system.
The basic concept of SIMPACK is to create the equations of motion for mechanical and mechatronic systems simply by building a CAD style model, and using various calculation methods such as time integration to obtain a solution.

Publisher:INTEC GmbH



Description:Adams is a family of interactive motion simulation software. A core package (Adams/View, Adams/Solver, and Adams/PostProcessor) allows you to import geometry from most major CAD systems or to build a solid model of the mechanical system from scratch. A full library of joints and constraints is available for creating articulated mechanisms. Once the virtual prototype is complete, Adams checks the model and then runs simultaneous equations for kinematic, static, quasi-static, and dynamic simulations. Results are viewable as graph, data plots, reports, or colorful animations that you easily can share with others. You can use the results (loads created from different types of motion) of Adams simulation studies to provide loads for many different FEA programs including Nastran to optimize the structure of a design.

Publisher:MSC Software



Description:DynaFlexPro is a Maple package for modeling and simulating the dynamics of mechanical multibody systems. A graphical user interface, DynaFlexPro ModelBuilder, facilitates the rapid creation of system models using block diagrams and drop-down menus. DynaFlexPro combines graph theory with engineering mechanics in algorithms that automatically generate the system equations from the system model. Maple’s powerful computer algebra technologies are used to create small and efficient sets of system equations in symbolic form, which facilitates viewing, physical insight, and sharing. Not only does this facilitate the design, optimization, real-time simulation and control of complex engineering systems, this symbolic approach is also well-suited to teaching of mechanical system design.

Publisher:MotionPro Inc.




NEWEUL is a software package for the dynamic analysis of mechanical systems with the multibody system method. It comprises the computation of the symbolic equations of motion and the simulation of the dynamic behaviour.


A restricted demo version of NEWEUL with a limit of 4 degrees of freedom is available for WINDOWS and LINUX.

Publisher:Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics, University of Stuttgart


Name:SAMCEF Mecano


SAMCEF Mecano allows the numerical simulation of 3D flexible multibody systems with any kind of kinematical joints or contact conditions between flexible bodies.

Thanks to its Finite Element formulation, the SAMCEF Mecano toolbox is appropriate in particular for the analysis of flexible systems. For complex mechanisms subject to heavily transient loadings, it is able to predict precisely loads amplified by flexibility and vibrations.

SAMCEF Mecano is driven by a user-friendly graphical environment (SAMCEF Field), and it is interfaced with many other commercial tools: classical FEA software for local structural analyses, MATLAB Simulink for the analysis of mechatronic systems, and CAD systems for the importation of CAD geometry. In order to optimise the dynamic response of machines, SAMCEF Mecano can also be efficiently driven by the open multi-disciplinary optimisation platform BOSS quattro.




Description:RecurDyn is a Multibody Dynamics-based CAE software offering state-of-the-art Multi Body Dynamic capabilities with an integrated non-linear Finite Element Method (FEM) extension. RecurDyn's Finite Element Method combined with its MultiBody Dynamics (FEMBD) mechanical system simulation returns precise dynamic motion results including stress analysis in one single simulation step.

It also features flexible body contacts and non-linear deformations. RecurDyn CoLink, an integrated signal flow oriented control design tool, opens the door to an off-line simulation of mechatronic systems, instead of the classical co-simulation approach. By using a detailed RecurDyn FEMBD plant model the user can reduce the number of loops during the virtual controller parameter optimization process. The Recursive Dynamics solver technology represents one of the most efficient ways in solving Multi Body Dynamics equation of motions today, providing high-rated solver robustness and reliability at the same time. This software is embedded in a intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), following standard software handling rules.

Publisher:FunctionBay, Inc.




alaska is a general purpose software for the development and analysis of the dynamic behavior of multi-body systems. These models are used for the calculation of dynamic motions and loads of mechanical and mechatronic systems in the time domain. A powerful model description system enables the efficient generation and testing of parameterized and structured simulation models. Besides the standard multi-body library and the possibility of considering flexible components there are application specific extensions, like e.g. alaska/Dynamicus for the analysis and ergonomic assessment of human motion and alaska/Wind for the efficient calculation of a huge number of load cases for the development and certification of wind turbines.

Publisher:Institute of Mechatronics, Chemnitz, Germany


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