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Welcome to the homepage of the IFToMM Technical Committee for Multibody Dynamics!

The Technical Committee for Multibody Dynamics was approved by the IFToMM Executive Council in September 2005. The Committee intends to promote the activity of the international multibody community and to serve as a communication channel among its members.

Active researchers on multibody dynamics are recommended to register. Once the registration is accepted, the researcher can upload contents to the different sections of the webpage. Only registrations from active researchers in the field will be accepted.

Registered users are encouraged to become members of the Technical Committee. Up to two researchers from the same IFToMM Member Organization can be members of a Technical Committee. Therefore, look at the TC members list and, if the number of two has not been reached yet, contact the Chair of your IFToMM Member Organization and ask for your nomination to the TC.

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