Library of Computational Benchmark Problems

IFToMM Technical Committee for Multibody Dynamics


This website is intended to be a tool for the international multibody dynamics community to propose, solve, and refer to a collection of benchmark problems. Members of the community can view the results obtained by other researchers, submit their own results for others to reference, and even propose new benchmark problems that can help advance the state-of-the-art in our field.


Use the browse tab on the left to browse the library. Select a benchmark problem to view the system schematic and problem description, and to download existing results or upload your own.


Click the submit tab on the left to propose a new benchmark problem. Additionally, you can also upload your results for an already proposed problem from its main page. Videotutorials are available in our FAQ section.


If you get stuck, you'll always be able to consult our FAQ section as well as contact us for help to ask any questions you may have. Remember that all this help will be always accessible from within the left panel.

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