Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place and what can I do here?

This website is intended to be a tool for the international multibody dynamics community to propose, solve, and refer to a collection of benchmark problems. Members of the community can view the results obtained by other researchers, submit their own results for others to reference, and even propose new benchmark problems that can help advance the state-of-the-art in our field.

How can I access the information?

The tabs on the left will let you navigate through the site. The browse tab will show you every problem in the database and will allow you to filter those problems by their classification. To open a problem, just click on its open button. Once inside a problem, you can take a look at its description and get the solutions uploaded by other users, as well as submit your own.

I would like to submit a solution to an existing problem.

You can always submit your solution from within any problem's main page. Click the 'submit new solution' button and you will be redirected to a form which you should fill in. Your name, email, solution's technical data and results file will be required.

I would like to submit a new problem

Visit the submit problem tab in the sidebar, and fill in the required data: name, email, problem's classification, description file, solution's technical data and results file (and optional miscellaneous file). Once submitted, we will review your problem and notify you in case something is wrong or missing, as well as when it is incorporated to the database.

I'm trying to submit a new problem, but it doesn't match any existing category.

If you consider we need to add a new category, please contact us to request a new one. We'll study the situation and add it if necessary.

Can I change my solution once submitted?

Sure. Feel free to submit your new solution, but please notify us so we can delete the old one. As registration is not required, only the administrator can modify the database to keep it safe. You can use our contact form.

Can I change a problem once submitted?

Of course, you can. If something is wrong with your submission, you can either re-upload the problem or email us explaining the required changes (remember to attach any file if needed). In any case, you should contact us explaining the situation so we are aware of it and delete the old submission.

I have more questions

Feel free to use our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.