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The pdf description file should present the problem, highlighting the motivation that led to propose it as a benchmark problem, provide the geometric and inertial data of the system as well as the initial conditions and forces acting on the system, the total simulation time, the error definition, the conditions that must be satisfied for the simulation to be considered acceptable and the objective to be pursued, the required results and the way they are collected in the results file. The mentioned requirements correspond to forward dynamics problems. For different types of analysis, some of them may be not applicable. An example of description file is provided here.

The solution technical data section of the form asks for two representative values, which will be listed in the summary table of the submitted solutions for the specific benchmark problem: the accuracy (the simulation error as defined in the description file), and the efficiency (the CPU-time required to run the simulation).

Besides the txt results file, a compressed file can be optionally uploaded containing the data file in case the author has used a commercial software to solve the problem, or the code (in C, C++, Fortran, Matlab, etc.) in case the author has programmed the algorithm to solve the problem, or any additional material that the author may consider helpful for the users.

The submission will be checked so as to confirm that the information is complete, and published as soon as possible. The author will be informed of the publication or asked to complete the submission in case something is missing.

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Remember that the file format must meet the requirements specified in the problem description file.

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