Solution for Planar simple pendulum

Submitted by Francisco González

Authors Francisco González
Accuracy 0.0006
CPU time 0.53
CPU / GPU Intel Core i5-4250U @ 1.30 GHz 1.90 GHz - 8 GB RAM
Operating System Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Method description

MbsLab, revision 964
Coordinates: natural, 3D
Equations of motion: index-3 augmented Lagrangian formulation with projections of velocities and accelerations
Integrator: trapezoidal rule
Solution: Newton-Raphson iteration.
Maximum number of iterations: 12.
Maximum admissible error: 1.E-9Time step: 0.001 s (fixed)
Penalty factor: 1.E8
Programming language: C++

Results file